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all about Tribal Studio

The ‘Tribal Studio’ is all about bringing the hidden tribal art to the surface, to reach the common man. Think of ‘tribal’ & one gets into the traditional world, the pleasure of the treasure of rich, the most natural & instinct driven culture – the art & craft retained over the years, without the touch of market gimmicks & the glamour of advertisements.

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Dhokra Art

Lost-wax (cire perdue) process of metal casting is an ancient technology that was once prevalentwidly throught the word . This art has been used in India more than 4000 year now .The earliest work of

Wrought iron

Wrought-Iron art pieces thus present a prevailing beauty of all times, a classic range of articles presents the masterpiece animal shapes, deities, musicians playing various instruments, candle stands

Wooden Handicraft

Tribal Wood Craft is a demonstration of the Tribal artist’s skill & dedication to create each piece as a masterpiece with no thought of commercial value. The real pleasure of crafting lies in his sati

Metal Craft
This enhanced arts is in 3D, where, the process calls for hammering & smearing the hot raw iron into shapes with the third dimension of depth & height to the co-planer Characters & Images. Then, addin

The ART type is 'LOST WAX' Created with wood, board, jungle wax & Brass. Wood is finely carved out to different shapes, as faces, MASK, creatures e.t.c. - all depicting the traditional Adivasi herit