About Us

The ‘Tribal Studio’ is all about bringing the hidden tribal art to the surface, to reach the common man. Think of ‘tribal’ & one gets into the traditional world, the pleasure of the treasure of rich, the most natural & instinct driven culture – the art & craft retained over the years, without the touch of market gimmicks & the glamour of advertisements.

The ‘Tribal Studio’ is an organized platform of volunteers to bridge the gap of lust for traditional art in modern era & the tribal heritage of artists from the Adivasi culture. This platform works on the pillars of hardworking, learned, dedicated & selfless individuals, for more of social work as a motto than to earn a living – the pure satisfaction. This Studio stands as a back bone to a number of NGOs in India & abroad.

The world’s best artifacts remain intact with the living Adivasis, where, this platform helps the artists & the art to remain immortal.

Thousands of Tribal youth have migrated to the cities in search of a livelihood and many are becoming disconnected from their tradition, while their children are cut off from their heritage. Some Tribal communities have been able to keep their children rooted in their traditions and generate interest in others about their way of life. In this Website, we explore the rich cultural traditions of tribals of central zone of India .